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 Oakley’s lightest sport frame ever, the EVZero Path, arrived at Canadian Running‘s office earlier this month, and based on a number of test training runs, these sunglasses are going to be a hit.Sunglasses, like handlebar shape, bibs and shoes are generally a matter of personal preference. With the EVZero, Oakley hopes to make you see the light with its newest minimalist design.Coming in at a scant 23 grams on the Cyclocross Magazine scale, Oakley says that the EVZero is the company’s lightest frame.Oakley Sunglasses. Although, the use of the word frame may be a misnoamer as the majority of the design is the lens shield.Oakley Sunglasses Outlet.The test pair we received offered a pretty versatile tint with great clarity. Our test pair was also the larger of the EVZero options, the Range, while a slightly smaller EVZero Path is also available. Both the EVZero Range and Path share the minimalitst design and gossamer weight as well as Oakley’s Prizm lens technology designed to enhance vision detail.

We’ve been using the EVZero Range regularly, since the Lost & Found gravel race. With the Range’s larger lens, those with high cheek bones may find some contact with the lens. Overall the EVZero Range has become a favorite shade for variable light conditions and long days in the saddle.The EVZero comes in the aforementioned two lens shield shapes and a bevy of colors, true to Oakley’s style.Cheap Oakley Sunglasses.The advantages of a frameless lens is that you get a lot more vision as you look up through the top of the glasses and in your peripherals. The lens design also provides a lot of coverage to keep the wind and sun out of your eyes, especially helpful as the summer months approach.Oakley Sunglasses Sale. The EVZero Path has a “toric shield” which wraps around the contours of the eyes and the cheek bone, allowing for a full range of eye protection.The EVZero Path comes in a variety of colourways, available online at Oakley Canada or in stores.

These are hands down the lightest Oakleys that our testers have worn. The previous versions of the Zero, released in the 1990s, also had a frameless design but those glasses had much thicker arms and didn’t provide nearly as much protection from the wind. They also weren’t as light as the EVZeros, which weigh just 22 g. The stems on the EVZeros are really thin, but still provide lots of stability and keep the glasses firmly in place when running or while cross-training outdoors.Fake Oakleys.Due to the minimalist approach of the new glasses they do not offer the ability to swap out the lenses though the large array of colour combinations is likely to provide at least one ideal choice for potential buyers.The EVZeros use Oakley’s Prizm Road lens that both shields your eyes from the sun’s rays while providing excellent optical clarity.Oakley Womens Sunglasses. Specially designed to help you spot subtle changes in road surfaces or on your local trails, whether you’re in bright sun or shade, the Prizm Road lens is very comfortable on your eyes and works very well in a variety of lighting conditions.

Altering light conditions is especially relevant when running in a forested area on a sunny day.There’s a line around the outside of the lens that provides a bit of styling, but doesn’t affect vision at all. Oakley has also released the EVZero Range, which is geared more for cyclists as it has a larger frame but can also prove helpful for runners.Staff with Oakley said here at SHOT Show that the newest lens using the company’s sophisticated light-filtering technology would be a universal lens, unlike most of the line, which tune perception of light and color to emphasize certain ranges.Oakley Outlet.“The Prizm universal lenses coming through are for daily use where they’re not environment or action-specific,” said Kevin Nottage, product manager for Oakley’s military line. “It’s meant more for the everyday user than it is for a unit on patrol. It’s for you and I versus allowing a soldier to acquire a target faster and more clearly.Oakley Sunglasses For Men.”The Prizm lenses focus on the human eye’s three cones, which pick up light and color, said Tatiana Kalache, with research and development at Oakley.

“You have specific peaks and valleys that are in really specific locations for that environment based on how our eyes work,” she said. “We know specifically where we need to put those peaks and valleys. So every lens has a slightly different profile, but these profiles are doing are helping us separate color so we can see more vividly what we need to see for that environment.”Oakley’s Prizm collection includes lenses designed for shooting, snow environments and maritime use, as well as a sun line tuned for a variety of sport uses.Cheap Oakleys.Nottage said the new lens would be well suited to an urban environment, knocking down sun glare and tuning overall light reception for a more clear and pleasant aesthetic for the everyday user.Oakley is a sponsor of SB Nation and Gaslamp Ball.Discount Oakley.  You've no doubt noticed the Matt Kemp advertisement on our page all season.  It's actually probably the best looking ad we have due to Matt Kemp being part of it and it's color scheme that looks so good in conjunction with Gaslamp Ball's new retro Padres colors.

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